they dance in the dark

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Imagine a party, where Gary Numan is married to The Orb, who is slow dancing with Massive Attack, while Oum Kalthoum is French kissing Prince and finally, Daphne Oram is mixing the drinks. Two years on and off in the Holykuti Studios, produced in London, Berlin & Beirut with singers & performers from Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, UK & Lebanon, They Dance in the Dark first started as an experiment. Realising her true introvertism RENU worked through mainly the computer and the philosophy of playing Tablas in mind: creating big & infinite sounds with a minimum set up. They Dance in the Dark largely references 80’s & 90’s electronic dance music. The height of hooky, dark electronic anthems with an underlying post-colonial narrative.

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Artist RENU performs her latest electronic album THEY DANCE IN THE DARK in a manner of an electronic dance odyssey with live percussion (tabla, cajon, latin percussion, soundscaping percussion) and live electronics. A plasmic electrical journey which andulates and ebbs its way through a cosmos of mixed media, taking you into another realm. The body performances by supernatural-queer characters who have trained in largely circus and dance performance fall into a perfect composition of cultivated weirdness. The live visuals have been specially prepared for the show for over 2 years. Using visual excerpts from the videos that were made for individual tunes. THEY DANCE IN THE DARK SHOW largely references 80s and 90s dance music, the ‘height of dark hooky anthems’ with an underlying post colonial narrative, timeless but unquestionably current. Be ready for a big sound coming from a weird queer femme, in a weird queer world.

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